Our products are high quality and durable but there are still some useful care tips that we recommend you follow to help extend the life of your persn jewelry.

• Avoid liquid contact. When possible remove the jewelry before swimming, showering, bathing, and washing hands. When it does get wet try to dry it promptly and completely. Always keep it out of reach of cosmetics or perfume.

• Avoid Impacts and abrasions. Our products are made to resist the wear of everyday use but they can still be damaged by bumps or scratches. The jewelry should be removed prior engaging in sports and other high intensity activities where the material could be subjected to excessive wear or come in contact with perspiration.

• Avoid UV Light. When not wearing your jewelry be sure to store it in a jewelry box. This protects the product from the sun’s rays and any other corrosive elements.

• Keep it clean. Occasional cleaning of the article helps to maintain the quality finish. We recommend washing with lukewarm water and mild soap to remove any dirt from the surface and using a microfibre cloth to dry the jewelry.

Important information about rose gold products:

The luminous rose gold is achieved by adding copper to the metal. Unlike regular gold jewelry these products tend to oxidize and change color. This oxidation is not a production error, but a natural process. This process can be slowed down by following our care tips. Avoid contact with water and harmful chemicals to extend the manufacture finish of your rose gold jewelry.

Important information about silver jewelry:

Silver jewelry dulls with frequent wear. This discoloration is not a flaw or lack of quality but the result of a completely normal chemical reaction. Silver alloy contains copper that reacts with oxygen and moisture. The resulting silver sulfide darkens the shine of silver.

Thankfully, there is a remedy for this: The following steps can be used to remove discoloration:

• Rub the surface of the metal with a silver or gold cleaning cloth.

• Should some oxidation remain, fill a container with a warm saline solution and add a few pieces of aluminum foil.

• Place the silver into the container and leave it for several minutes. The jewelry can now be rinsed under fresh water and dried with a soft cloth. The shine will be restored.