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Personalized mother and daughter jewelry

Adorable gifts for our moms

Do you want to give your mom a very special gift? Whether it’s for her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or for no reason at all, just to show your love and appreciation- our premium personalized mother and daughter jewelry is a beautiful gesture for mom.

At PERSN, you have so many ways to express your bond with your mom. Browse through our collections and get inspired. Nothing could be more beautiful than personalized jewelry as a gift for your mom.

Personalized Necklace Signature 1


configurate from 109,- €

Personalized Necklace Signature DatePersonalized NeckPersonalized Necklace Signature Date Hover


configurate from 99,- €

Personalized Necklace Cube


configurate from 1119,- €

Exclusive and Personalized Mother and Daughter Jewelry by PERSN

With PERSN you can be sure to gift personalized mother and daughter jewelry of the highest quality. This way, your mom will enjoy her present for years to come, and she’ll always be reminded of your love for her.

You’re the one who knows her best: Is your mom more of a cool silver type or does she prefer golden hues? Our handmade pieces are manufactured according to your individual design and with great attention to detail. We take great care in the quality of our precious gold and silver materials and only use conflict-free diamonds for our personalized mother and daughter jewelry.

Use our 3D configurator to create your personalized mother and daughter jewelry according to your preferences. Choose between 925 sterling silver or yellow or rose gold in 9, 14 or 18 carats. All you need to do now is decide on one of our adorable collections.

Personalized Necklace Signature


configurate from 69,- €

Personalized Necklace Letters


configurate from 79,- €

Personalized Necklace Cube


configurate from 119,- €

Gifts ideas for mom: Personalize your unique piece of jewelry

Discover our wonderful selection of fine jewelry by PERSN. Ranging from stunning custom necklaces, beautiful pendants with personalized symbols or zodiac signs and charming bracelets to lovely letter earrings, statement rings or playful anklets.

As unique as you and your mom are, our jewelry is just as one of a kind.

Let your mom’s name sparkle on your neck or wrist with our Signature Collection or immortalize her initials or the word “Mom” with our Letters Collection.

And if you don’t want to make it too explicit, you can wear her date of birth on our date necklace or bracelet. This way, you can also make sure that you never forget this very special day.

Personalized Necklace Cut-Out


configurate from 89,- €

Personalized Necklace Cut-Out


configurate from 89,- €

Personalized Necklace Cut-Out


configurate from 89,- €

Matching Mother daughter jewelry makes a lovely gift for your mom

Another gorgeous trend is matching mother-daughter bracelets or necklaces for you and your mom. Make your mother-daughter bracelets a stylish symbol of your appreciation for each other and carry your names, letters or a special symbol close to you at all times.

By the way, our Signature Bracelets are also available for babies. So, you can either get the matching look for yourself and your little one. Or you can treat your best friend or sister to a cute push present or christening gift.

The bracelets are made of high-quality materials and can be worn without any worries, even on a baby’s small wrist.

Treat your mom to a special surprise

Each personalized piece of mother and daughter jewelry is thoughtfully packaged by PERSN. Once you have found the perfect gift for your mom and designed it according to your wishes, we will take care of the rest.

Within 10 to 20 working days after ordering, the jewelry will arrive at your mom’s door, wrapped in our lovely PERSN gift box. And it’s not just the jewelry itself that will create joy, even unpacking it will be a magical celebration. Besides, the jewelry box with its soft velvet cushion will look wonderful on your mom’s dressing table.

You can choose to leave a personal message on the pretty gift card that comes with the box – whether it’s a birthday wish or some warm words of appreciation. No doubt, your mom will be delighted with her very special gift.

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