Care Instructions

Despite the excellent quality of our materials, there are some useful care tips to follow that will help extend the life and enjoyment of your products.

· Avoid contact with water. The jewelry should be taken off before showering, bathing, washing hands and swimming and kept out of the reach of cosmetic products or perfume.

·Try to avoid wearing jewelry when doing strenuous activities where they may suffer bumps, scratches or contact with perspiration.

Repeated cleaning of the article helps to maintain its original luster. However do not use any metal polishes or acidic cleaners. A microfiber cloth with lukewarm water and a little dish soap is sufficient.

·When not in use keep your products in a jewelry box. This protects them from direct sunlight.

Important information about our rose gold products:

The shiny rose gold is achieved by adding copper in the material. As a result, these products have a tendency to oxidize and change color. However, this is not a production defect, but a natural process. This process can be slowed down by following our care tips.

Important information about silver jewelry:

Silver jewelry tarnishes after frequent wear. This tarnishing is not due to the quality of the jewelry, but is the result of a normal chemical reaction. The silver alloy contains copper, which reacts with oxygen and the moisture in the air. The resulting silver sulfide lets the shine of the silver appear dull. There is a remedy for this: The following steps can be used to reverse discoloration.

· Use a silver or gold cleaning cloth for cleaning.

· If this application is not sufficient, use a saline solution. The silver is placed in a container filled with warm water, salt and some aluminum foil scraps. After a few minutes, the jewelry can be rinsed under water and dried with a soft cloth.