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Bracelet for babies with engraving

Give the gift of love and welcome home your new addition to the family with a personalised bracelet for babies from PERSN. Our engraved baby bracelet creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Seeing the delicate, sparkling piece of jewellery on your baby’s sweet little wrist promises a few unforgettable moments full of happiness. At the same time, it is a reminder to you every time of the most beautiful moment of your life – namely the beginning of your parenthood. Because we only want the best for your little treasure, high quality is guaranteed at PERSN.

Personalized Bracelet Signature


configurate from 89,-€

Personalized Bracelet Frame


configurate from 49,- €

Personalized Bracelet Cube


configurate from 239,-€

An engraved bracelet for babies to show your love

Aren’t babies just the most wonderful gift on this earth? They give us so much and can make us the happiest people in the world. With our engraved baby bracelet you can give something back to your little angel. A precious piece of jewellery that sparkles just like your eyes when you saw and held your baby for the first time.

But our personalised baby bracelet is not just a piece of jewellery, it is also a sign of parental love and care. That’s what gives it such a priceless value. Your child is sure to keep it for a lifetime, even when he or she has long outgrown it. In this way, it will always have a part of you with it that reminds it of the love you feel for it.

It is not gold and diamonds that give a piece of jewellery its value. It is the wonderful feeling we associate with it and the gesture of making someone we love happy. That is why personalised jewellery is one of the most beautiful gifts we can give.

After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a personal gift that really comes from the heart. The baby bracelet with an engraving from PERSN is as unique as you and your baby. So say goodbye to mainstream jewellery and give jewellery with personality. 

Personalized Bracelet Signature

Signature 01

configurate from 89,-€

Personalized Bracelet Signature 2

Signature 02

configurate from 89,-€

Personalized Baby Bracelet

Signature Baby

configurate from 79,-€

Individualise your bracelet for babies with engraving

What makes your personalised bracelet for babies unique is your own personal message. It’s up to you what you want to engrave on your baby’s bracelet. There are almost no limits to your creativity. Many choose to have the name of their little miracle engraved. But a star sign or a term of endearment to express your love are also popular choices.

Maybe you were doubly lucky with twins. Matching baby bracelets with engraving are a great gift for both of them. This way, they have something that will bond them forever. Whatever you choose, your personalised message is what makes the engraved baby bracelet unique and infinitely precious.

Individualisiere Dein Babyarmband mit Gravur

Sind Babys nicht einfach das wunderbarste Geschenk auf dieser Erde? Sie geben uns so viel und können uns zu den glücklichsten Menschen der Welt machen. Mit unserem Babyarmband mit Gravur kannst Du Deinem kleinen Engel etwas zurückgeben. Ein wertvolles Schmuckstück, das genauso funkelt wie Deine Augen, als Du Dein Baby das erste Mal gesehen und gehalten hast.

Doch unser personalisiertes Babyarmband ist nicht einfach nur ein Schmuckstück, sondern auch ein Zeichen von elterlicher Liebe und Fürsorge. Das verleiht ihm einen so unschätzbaren Wert. Sicher wird Dein Kind es ein Leben lang behalten, auch wenn es schon längst herausgewachsen ist. Auf diese Weise hat es immer einen Teil von Dir bei sich, der an die Liebe erinnert, die Du für es empfindest.

Nicht Gold und Diamanten geben einem Schmuckstück seinen Wert. Sondern das wunderbare Gefühl, welches wir damit verbinden und die Geste, jemandem, den wir lieben, eine Freude zu machen. Deswegen ist personalisierter Schmuck auch eines der schönsten Geschenke, die wir geben können.

Es gibt doch schließlich nichts Schöneres, als ein persönliches Geschenk, das wirklich von Herzen kommt. Das Babyarmband mit einer Gravur von PERSN ist so einzigartig wie Du und Dein Baby. Verabschiede Dich daher von Mainstream-Schmuck und verschenke Schmuck mit Persönlichkeit. 


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Personalised bracelets for mum and baby

Our engraved bracelets for babies are an expression of love and uniqueness. At the same time, they can also be a sign of the bond between you and your child. Personalised partner look bracelets for mum and baby are a great idea to make this bond even more visible. Not only do you show all the pride of a new mother, but you also have something that will connect you to your child for a lifetime. Such memories are simply priceless. The cute partner look bracelets also look great on souvenir photos and add a sparkling accent.

Bracelets for babies with engraving in best quality

Of course, only the best is good enough for our little angels. That’s why quality is a top priority at PERSN. All products are made of certified real gold, silver or diamonds. It is also our loving production that makes our jewellery so exceptional. Because every single jewel is carefully and lovingly handcrafted.

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important thing to us. That is why we make sure that each piece of jewellery is truly unique. This is what our 55-year-old family tradition in the jewellery business stands for. We love jewellery and this is reflected in our products, starting with the production and ending with the shipping.

The bracelet for babies with engraving also scores in terms of sustainability

We also do our utmost when it comes to sustainability. That’s why we only offer handmade products made from recycled gold and silver. Furthermore, it is important to us to use only conflict-free, ethnic diamonds for our jewellery. Because the good conscience of our customers as well as our own is a matter close to our heart.

As all our unique jewellery is made to order, there is no unnecessary waste. So if you are looking for sustainable jewellery production, PERSN is an excellent choice for you. 

A precious bracelet for babies with engraving needs high-quality packaging

To ensure that everything runs smoothly during delivery, each piece of jewellery is packed in a box with a velvet cushion. This not only protects your personalised bracelet from scratches, but is also ideal as a storage box. The pretty little box can be a real eye-catcher in the children’s room. It also keeps the bracelet safe when it’s not sparkling on the baby’s arm.

Once everything has been lovingly packed by hand, PERSN encloses a quality certificate with each piece of jewellery. So you can be sure that you have definitely made the right decision with our engraved baby bracelet. And as soon as your baby is older, he or she can see for themselves which precious piece of jewellery you have chosen.