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The baptism necklace – A special gift from the godparents

The baptism of your little new protégé is coming up, and you want to give a special gift that connects the two of you forever and at the same time looks adorable? Then a personalized baptism necklace is just the right choice.

With the baptism we celebrate the arrival of a baby in this world, welcoming it into the circle of our family and Christian community. At the same time, we want to give the newborn a symbolic protection from all evil, and the baptism necklace is a particularly beautiful gesture in this regard. The christening necklace will accompany the child in all stages of life and remind them of his or her godparents.

And even if you are not quite devoted to the Christian faith, a baptism necklace can be given as a sign of welcoming the newborn into the family. Increasingly, non-Christian parents are choosing godparents from their close circle of friends to accompany their children throughout their lives and lovingly and protectively show them the ropes. It does not always have to be a religious symbol. A precious name necklace is a wonderful gift for the naming ceremony.

Personalized Necklace Signature 1


configurate from 109,- €

Personalized Necklace Signature DatePersonalized NeckPersonalized Necklace Signature Date Hover


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Personalized Necklace Cube


configurate from 1119,- €

This is how you personalize the baptism necklace

If you would like to give the baby a traditional christening gift, then a precious baptism necklace with a motif from our Cube or Frame Collection is the perfect piece of jewelry for your little darling. 

A baptism necklace with ceremonial symbolic values

A christening necklace with a cross pendant made of precious silver or gold has a solemn symbolic value. A more modern approach, such as a personalized pendant, is also a wonderful sign of your attachment to the christened child. The infinity symbol can express your accompanying part in the life of your protégé just as beautifully as a heart is a sign of your love for him or her. 

Different baptism medal motifs hold different symbolic meanings:

♥ The heart = symbol of love

♥ The cross = Jesus infinite love for mankind, the connection between heaven and the world

♥ The infinity symbol =  sign of eternal connectedness

Personalized Necklace Signature


configurate from 69,- €

Personalized Necklace Letters


configurate from 79,- €

Personalized Necklace Cube


configurate from 119,- €

Baptism necklace gold vs. baptism necklace silver – you choose

Once you have chosen a pendant that perfectly expresses the message that you want to pass on to the child for his or her life, the next step is to choose the precious metal. Whether you prefer a cross or a non-religious symbol for the baptism necklace pendant, the idea behind gifting a necklace is that it should accompany the baptized child for the rest of his or her life. Therefore, the quality of the material is essential.
At PERSN you can choose between 925 sterling silver or the baptism necklace in gold 9, 14 as well as 18 carats. Sometimes the decision for the color of the precious metal is not only a matter of taste, but also a question of budget. You can still gift a high-quality gold or rose colored christening necklace with our gold-plated silver necklaces. These are plated in 18-carat gold. Our baptism necklaces are tested for the highest possible skin compatibility and are matched to a beautiful golden color appearance.

Looking for a different option? You can also discover our personalized bracelets, personalized anklets and personalized rings.

Our 14 and 18-carat gold baptism necklaces comes with a high-quality finish, making it a timeless companion for life. Over the years, the baptism necklace will endure quite a bit, from rubbing against zippers and buttons to getting wet, soapy and rubbed dry. It needs to be able to withstand all kinds of environmental elements and jerky tearing, especially with active children who like to romp around. The higher the quality of the precious metal, the higher the resistance of the baptism necklace.

Personalized Necklace Cut-Out


configurate from 89,- €

Personalized Necklace Cut-Out


configurate from 89,- €

Personalized Necklace Cut-Out


configurate from 89,- €

Baptism necklace with engraving

If you would like to personalize your christening gift even further, you can choose a baptism necklace from our Engraved Collection. It is a beautiful idea to engrave the first letter of the child. Another option is to engrave a symbol to give the child a personal message to accompany him or her in life or to remind him or her of their baptismal vows.

With a personalized baptism necklace from PERSN you can welcome the newborn into life and give him or her something that he or she will cherish forever.

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