Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PerSN

Q: What does PerSN do?

A: PerSN is a passive alert, location, and collaboration tool. PerSN notifies friends, family, and colleagues when a user is potentially in danger, allowing them to initiate a response to dangerous situations rapidly.

Q: Who should use PerSN?

A: PerSN is for anyone who feels they might go missing. It is great for journalists, dissidents, tourists, lawyers, students abroad, and international businessmen. This service is particularly useful for clients who work or visit unfamiliar or high-risk areas.

Q: How does using PerSN help someone if they are kidnapped/arrested/lost/etc?

A: PerSN is a passive alert system. Not checking in by your scheduled time (which you set) will set off the alert. If you have a 24 hour check in cycle, it is almost certain that your friends, colleagues and family will know of the event well before 24 hours has passed.

Q: Do my emergency contacts have to sign up for PerSN as well?

A: No. Accounts are automatically generated for emergency contacts to make responding to an emergency easy. Contacts will automatically receive an email notification with login information in the event of a missed check-in.

Q: Does PerSN have to be active at all times?

A: No, activating or deactivating the system either at the top of the page or in the check-in settings page will determine if the site expects a check-in from the user.

Q: What happens if I miss a check-in, but I am OK?

A: Log into the site and check-in to deactivate the alert and resume normal operation. If you realize that you cannot regularly check-in at a given interval, try increasing the time between check-ins. Your emergency contacts should try contacting you if you have not already deactivated the system and sent an all-clear message.

Q: Do I need a smart phone to use PerSN?

A: No particular phone is needed to use PerSN. Thanks to our SMS check-in option, you can use any SMS capable phone to check into the website. Having a smart phone (iPhone or Android) enhances capabilities, but is not required for PerSN to increase your safety.

Q: What else will the system do in the near future?

A: Apps for iPhone and Android systems are under development and will soon provide the extra feature of live tracking of the client in the event of the missed check-in. iPhone is in the Beta test phase, and Android is not far behind.

We are also working on a solution that would allow check-in via phone call and touchtone menu. Our goal is to make PerSN as lightweight and infrastructure free as possible. Integration with Facebook is also currently in early development.